"I am finding our website so much easier to update these days and we can do so much. I now go in most days to update. I also know you are always there in the background to assist when I get stuck. thank you for making it so easy for us. We would not wish to go elsewhere."

"I must say I am tremendously impressed with the service you provide so far. If I had realised how helpful you were I would have set up the site ages ago! "


"This is amazing – thank you so much. Subscribing to My Surgery Website is the best thing we have ever done!"


"The site is fantastic. Simple and intuitive navigation make it very quick to use. The facility for repeat prescriptions is excellent."

"Good website, very accessible and understandable, I have to applaud the practice for this. I use jaws screenreader software developed for people with impaired vision or no sight at all."


"Just a note to say that we have just been interviewing for a new job and that every applicant has said that after looking at our web site that our is by far the best that they looked a, so many thanks for doing such a good job we are delighted. "  

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