About My Surgery Website

My Surgery Website Registered Trademark

The 'My Surgery Website' product was developed in 2006 to offer professional, sensibly valued websites with pertinent content to primary care providers in the UK. We have worked on many large-scale healthcare IT projects over the last fifteen years and have gained the experience in the health sector that is necessary to appreciate fully the needs of healthcare professionals.

Now the largest supplier of websites and intranets to the Primary Care market, My Surgery Website has developed into the most successful provider for GP online services in Ireland and the UK. Our systems deliver the very latest information and interactive services to more than fifteen million patients, so you know that we have the expertise and the commitment to help you.

My Surgery Website is a member of the SRCL Group of Companies.

Who do we work with?

We try and build relationships with many providers both in and outside the healthcare IT market and as a result can recommend other companies to carry out services you may be interested in.


ZendeskWe consider support to be one of the most important aspects of My Surgery Website. You should always be able to ask for help whenever needed. We will respond within the hour and your requests will be dealt with in a quick and professional manner.

To help with this, we use the award winning Zendesk to offer the best service to our customers. Companies like Rackspace, John Lewis, Lonely Planet and Xerox use Zendesk to support their thriving user bases. My Surgery Website is pleased to be part of this group.


RackspaceMy Surgery Website currently serves over 3000 GP Surgeries across the country and as such we need to ensure the highest level of website hosting. For this reason we use secure, UK-based dedicated servers powered by green energy solutions. Not only are the servers designed to protect your data they are also automatically updated and backed up so you never need to worry.

With 24 hour "Fanatical Support" and using the latest cutting edge technology, My Surgery Website has selected Rackspace as a reliable and trusted hosting partner.



Nominet maintain the register of .uk domain names.  My Surgery Website is an accredited Nominet member meaning not only can we directly help you register and control your website address but also participate in groups to share views and ideas on how Nominet should operate. 

This means we have direct access to the UK domain name registration process and are not reliant on any third party operators.

RCGP NI Practice Management Forum

RCGP NI Practice Managers Launched on 1st February, the new RCGP Northern Ireland Practice Managers Forum website provides practice managers in Northern Ireland with a unique opportunity to avail of templates and useful information, relevant to their busy working lives.

The wealth of knowledge on the website is already extensive and this will expand as practice managers continue to provide up to date information and well tested templates for others to share.